D0-Bus montažna baza osigurača E18

  • distinctive labeling on the base
  • low loss stainless steel terminal clamps
  • contact protection shroud on the sides
  • clip on rear touch protection shroud

Technical data

Suitablefor D0 fuse links 2…63A DIN49522
Cartridge ring adapter D02 DIN 49523
Fire classification / Creep resistanceUL94-V0 / CTI600
Temperature withstand / Glow wire200°C / 960°C
Rated operating voltage Ue 
-DC3-pole, DIN VDE 0636-3, 250V
Interconnection technologySteel cage clamp 1,5...25mm², 3,5Nm
Rated short circuit making capacity Icm50kAeff


Bus mounting fuse base 27mm,without cover10 60220,1510
Bus mounting fuse base 27mm,with cover10 60230,1710
Bus mounting fuse base 36mm,with cover and lateral extension10 60280,1910
Bus mounting fuse base 54mm,with cover and lateral extension10 60290,2110
Cover shroud 27mm10 60110,0210
Cover shroud 36mm, incl. extension10 60120,0310
Cover shroud 54mm, incl. extension10 60130,0510
Shroud pair10 60160,0510
Single left10 60170,0210
Single right10 60180,0210
Clip on touch protection shroud with back of hand protection10 60260,0110
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D02 Fuse base, single pole E18

Number of pieces in the package 15

D02 Fuse base, three-pole E18

Number of pieces in the package 5