IoT node - WEB server + SIP + Call divert - DIN format

IoT node - WEB server + SIP + Call divert - DIN format
Manufacturer: BES
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SKU: DS203000

IoT node with KNX WEB server with remote control support from Ingenium free apps (iOS or Android) and from a web browser, in addition to including support for SIP communications, which allows it to act as a video door entry server offering call forwarding when connected to a network with a third-party SIP outdoor unit.

This web server includes WiFi connectivity and one RJ45 Ethernet port. It is possible to visualize KNX projects by plans (configured at SIDEKNX tool) or by rooms (pictures, labels, icons, etc. fully configurable by user from iOS/Android APPs).

Support for yearly timings, technical alarms and push notifications. Also for IFTTT and MQTT Broker. Possibility of configuration as a Modbus client or server.

Added native integration with devices of other protocols such as ZWave, Zigbee/CHIP/Matter, etc.

It also includes arithmetic and logic unit and scripting, and it is fully compatible with Google Home.

For advanced users, it offers the possibility of scripting programming in Python language.

Supply: 230V AC
KNX supply: 29V DC from KNX BUS
DIN rail mounted (6 modules)

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