KNX training

Advantages of our "training center" are the following:

  • No travel costs abroad (foreign currency per diem, expensive hotels, transport ....)

  • Basic course

  • The possibility of organizing the KNX/EIB courses in the areas of your company, that can reduce you the costs of education (our equipment is adapted to these requirements)

  • Training is conducted in Serbian or English language

  • Professional literature

  • Working with ETS 5.0 software (ETS 5.0 is announced, with translation to Serbian language)

  • Working with KNX/EIB components of different manufacturers

  • Introduction and work with the KNX/EIB components (switches aktor, binary aktor, blinds aktor, aktor power, KNX interface, sensors, switches ...)

  • Professional associates to teaching, pleasant working atmosphere

  • Special offer includes introduction with the top "vavei" software solution for design and visualization management of intelligent buildings (house, apartment, villa, hotel, office buildings, institutional buildings, businesses, luxury boats, yachts ...)

  • Introduction with KNX/EIB world renowned equipment manufacturers, which along with "vavei" visualization with one touch turns your dreams into reality.

The first KNX/EIB training center in Serbia.Training in KNX/EIB standard, recognized certificates of KNX/EIB organization, introduction to the various products of renowned manufacturers of equipment KNX/EIB, top training experts and requirements for training...

Training schedule for 2021 year:
Namefrom to
MayMay 5, 2021.May 9, 2021.
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KNX Basic kurs

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