Radiofrequency movement detector - Hidden installation

Radiofrequency movement detector - Hidden installation
Manufacturer: BES
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SKU: SR570000

Hidden movement detector for installation above false or technical ceilings. It is also possible to install it in brick-walls, wood-walls, plasterboards etc. It allows a wide and easy parameterization, being suitable for lighting functions, as well as people detection and intruder control.

Detection area at 2.5m from the floor: Guaranteed: 6x3m / Maximum: 12x6m.

Supply: 29V DC from auxiliary power supply or from KNX BUS
Consumption (depends on source):
Auxiliary Power Supply 12-30V DC (Recommended)
35mA from auxiliary power supply
1mA from KNX BUS
KNX BUS (Optional)
35mA from KNX BUS
Type of protection: IP20. Extra low security voltage SELV, 24V direct current
Size / weight: 25 x 45 x 65mm / 115g
Mount: over false ceilings or hidden in walls or bricks


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